Abhinandan Nath

D214, Levine Science Research Center
Department of Computer Science
Duke University, Durham, NC - 27708
Email id : abhinath at cs dot duke dot edu

I defended my PhD in July, 2018. You can read my PhD dissertation here, or go over my defense slides here. I am fortunate to have had Pankaj as my advisor.
My interests include theoretical computer science, specifically computational geometry, topology, and its applications in areas such as databases, data mining, GIS, and trajectory data analysis. Most of my work deals with processing big, geometric data sets in two ways - developing provably-efficient algorithms for big data platforms such as MapReduce, and efficiently constructing/working with succinct descriptors of large data sets that capture the relevant geometric and topological properties of the data.

My resume and undergraduate dissertation.

Find me at GitHub here.

A look at my undergraduate experiences at Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati



Low distortion embedding
Primal-dual applied to shortest path and Steiner forest

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