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Alvin R. Lebeck
Professor of Computer Science
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Co-Founder and Chairman, Phitonex,Inc.

Biographical Information

Alvin R. Lebeck is a Professor of Computer Science and of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University, co-founder and Chairman of Phitonex, Inc. Lebeck's research interests and contributions include architectures for emerging nanotechnologies, high performance microarchitectures, hardware and software techniques for improved memory hierarchy performance, multiprocessor systems, and energy efficient computing. In the field of emerging nanotechnologies, he has performed extensive work exploring the architectural implications of DNA self-assembly as a fabrication method for future systems. He is currently exploring molecular-scale optical devices for both stochastic and deterministic computing. In the area of memory systems, Lebeck led efforts in improving cache hierarchy performance, new cache coherence protocols, and tolerating memory latency. He also co-led the effort to develop the first technique for an operating system to manage energy/power as a first-class resource and to develop main memory power management techniques.

Prof. Lebeck received the B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (1989), and the M.S. (1991) and Ph.D. (1995) in Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin---Madison. Lebeck is co-author on over 80 refereed publications, received the best paper award at the 31st IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture and the 6th International Workshop on Network on Chip Architectures, and has had two papers in the IEEE Top Picks in Computer Architecture. He is the recipient of a 1997 NSF CAREER Award, has received funding from NSF, DARPA, AFRL, Intel, Compaq, Microsoft, IBM and is a member of ACM and an IEEE Fellow.


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