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Alvin R. Lebeck
Professor of Computer Science
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Co-Founder and Chairman, Phitonex,Inc.


My research is in the general area of computer architecture. However, I have interests in nearly all computer systems related topics, spanning from atoms to applications.

Accelerating Statistical Machine Learning
Novel computer architectures targeted at machine learning problems that rely on Markov Chain Monte Carlo techniques and probabilistic computing in general.

Multicore/multiprocessor and Distributed Systems (including data centers)
Cache coherence protocols, memory consistency, runtime systems to expose and exploit parallelism. I also explore the use of new hardware technology in data centers.

Architectures for Emerging Technologies  
Computational paradigms enabled by new technologies.

Memory Systems
General aspects of memory hierarchies such as cache design, prefetching, latency tolerance, etc.

Energy Efficient Computing 
Processor and memory design, operating system support.



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