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COMPETE: Competitive Occupancy: Multi-factor Profile Evaluation of a Thermodynamic Ensemble

COMPETE is a software package for calculating the probability of DNA occupancy by a collection of DNA binding factors, including transcription factors, nucleosomes, and the origin recognition complex. Its goal is to be high performance, flexible, and extensible. COMPETE is described in "An Ensemble Model of Competitive Multi-factor Binding of the Genome." Genome Research 19:2101-2112.

COMPETE was developed by Todd Wasson under the direction of Alex Hartemink in the Program in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics and Department of Computer Science at Duke University.

The current version of COMPETE is 0.9.0.

Licensing Overview

You may license COMPETE either under a non-commercial use license or under a specially-negotiated non-exclusive commercial use license. You may choose which type of license is more appropriate for your needs. For strictly non-commercial use of the software, you may prefer to license the software under the non-commercial use license. The term ‘commercial use’ is defined broadly: if the software is used for commercial gain or to further any commercial purpose, a commercial use license is required. If you have any question about whether your use would be considered commercial, or if you would like to negotiate a non-exclusive commercial use license, please contact us.