Bhuwan Dhingra

Bhuwan Dhingra

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Duke University

Research Scientist
Google AI

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My group works on machine learning for natural language processing and knowledge representation. I completed my PhD in 2020 from the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. My thesis advisers were William Cohen and Russ Salakhutdinov. Before that I did Electrical Engineering at IIT Kanpur, where I worked with Amitabha Mukerjee. In between I worked at Qualcomm Research in San Diego, USA.

Current topics of interest include:

Prospective students


1/23 Three new papers appearing at EACL 2023 and one at CHI 2023 (my first!). publications
12/22 Serving as Senior Area Chair for the Large Language Models track at ACL 2023.
10/22 Received an Amazon Research Award for my proposal titled "Long-form QA via collaborative writing". announcement
8/22 Awarded an NSF Medium grant with Jun Yang and Lavanya Vasudevan. link
6/22 Recieved a gift from P&G for exploring search interfaces based on concept graphs.
10/21 Received a gift from Google for exploring NLP tools to combat misinformation.
10/21 Invited talk at UNC Chapel Hill on "Language models as Structured KBs". slides
10/21 Organizing the 2nd workshop on Structured & Unstructured KBs at AKBC2021.
9/21 Teaching CS590.03: Introduction to NLP with Sam Wiseman.
9/21 Started at Duke University.
7/21 New preprint on time-aware language models.
12/20 New preprint on evaluating explanations.
7/20 Joined Google AI in Seattle.
12/19 Invited talks at IIT Delhi, UMass Amherst and USC.
10/19 Invited talks at Stanford and UC Irvine. details



  1. Rich Stureborg (PhD, co-advised with Jun Yang)
  2. Raghuveer Thirukovalluru (PhD, co-advised with Sam Wiseman)
  3. Sanxing Chen (PhD, co-advised with Sam Wiseman)
  4. Junlin Wang (PhD)
  5. Luke Moffett (PhD)
  6. Rongze Gui (MS)
  7. Zihao Lin (MS)
  8. Darius Catrina (undergraduate)
  9. Angikar Ghosal (undergraduate)
  10. Yanpeng Yuan (undergraduate)


  • Phyllis Ang (MS, now at Nvidia)
  • Dev Seth (undergraduate, now at McKinsey)
  • Anni Chen (undergraduate, now at Amazon)
  • Teaching











    (* Equal Contribution)