Bruce MacDowell Maggs

Pelham Wilder Professor of Computer Science, Duke University
Director of Engineering, Emerald Innovations
Office: D324 Levine Science Research Center   bCTRL-Cmmis@disabledcsfor·duke·emailedu
Mailing Address: Department of Computer Science, Duke University P. O. Box 90129 Durham, NC 27708-0129

My research focuses on distributed systems, including content delivery networks, computer networks, and computer and network security.

Xiao (Shane) Zhang
PhD Candidate
Waqar Aqeel
PhD Candidate
Ilker Nadi Bozkurt
PhD, 2018
Bala Chandrasekaran
PhD, 2016
Yin Lin
PhD, 2014
Maverick Woo
PhD, 2009 (with co-advisor Guy Blelloch)
Charlie Garrod
PhD, 2008 (with co-advisor Chris Olston)
Amit Manjhi
PhD, 2008 (with co-advisors Todd Mowry and Chris Olston )
Hal Burch
PhD, 2006 (with co-advisor Gary Miller)
Shuheng Zhou
PhD, 2006 (with co-advisor Greg Ganger)
Konstantin Andreev
PhD, 2005
Kay Sripanidkulchai
PhD, 2005 (with co-advisor Hui Zhang)
Claudson Bornstein
PhD, 1998 (with co-advisor Gary Miller)
Andrea Richa
PhD, 1998
Anja Feldmann
PhD, 1995 (with co-advisor Danny Sleator)
Ramesh Sitaraman
PhD, 1993 (advised by Bob Tarjan)
MIT, 6.172
Performance Engineering of Software Systems Fall, 2019
Duke, CPS 590.01
Computer Security Spring, 2019
Duke, CPS 310
Operating Systems Fall, 2018
  • Accelerating mobile applications with parallel high-bandwidth and low-latency channels
    W. Sentosa, B. Chandrasekaran, P. B. Godfrey, H. Hassanieh, B. Maggs, and A. Singla
    Proceedings of the 22nd International Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications (HotMobile '21) February2021
  • A bird's eye view of the world's fastest networks
    D. Bhattacherjee, W. Aqeel, G. Laughlin, B. M. Maggs, and A. Singla
    Proceedings of the ACM Internet Measurement Conference 2020 (IMC) October2020
  • On landing and internal Web pages: the strange case of Jekyll and Hyde in Web performance measurement
    Winner of Community Contribution Award
    W. Aqeel, B. Chandrasekaran, A. Feldmann, and B. M. Maggs
    Proceedings of the ACM Internet Measurement Conference 2020 (IMC) October2020
  • Robust algorithms for TSP and Steiner tree
    A. Ganesh, B. M. Maggs, D. Panigrahi
    Proceedings of the 47th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming (ICALP) July2020