Benjamin Rossman

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Levine Science Research Center, Room D110
308 Research Drive · Durham, NC 27708

E-mail: benjamin.rossman [at]

I am an associate professor in Computer Science and Mathematics and member of the Theory Group at Duke University. Previously I held faculty positions at the University of Toronto and the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo, Japan. I completed my Ph.D. at MIT under Madhu Sudan.

My interests lie in computational complexity and logic. I primarily work in the areas of circuit complexity (the quest for lower bounds in combinatorial models of computation) and finite model theory (the study of logical definability on finite structures). A major focus on my work has been the average-case circuit complexity of subgraph isomorphism problems; see this survey for an overview. My research has been supported by NSERC Discovery and Accelerator Grants, the Ontario Early Researcher Award, and a Sloan Research Fellowship.

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