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Adding a Jumpstart Client

  • Adding a client to the install server is done with the add_install_client command.

  • This is located in the [jumpstart_root]/Solaris_8/Tools directory. Be sure to use the correct script for each OS version/architecture!

  • It's usage is as follows:
    	add_install_client [options] hostname karch_type
    		-c [server:path_to_config_files]
    		-d specify as a DHCP client
    		-e ethernet address
    		-i IP address
    		-p [server:path_to_sysidcfg_file]
    		-s [server:path_to_install_files]
    		-t [path_to_boot_image]
  • Specifying no options will give a default jumpstart.

  • To perform a custom jumpstart, specify the -c [server:path_to_config_files] option.

  • Running add_install_client checks the following on the boot server:

    • Checks for /tftpboot
    • Enables tftp in /etc/inetd.conf and HUPs inetd
    • Copies inetboot to /tftpboot and creates links for client
    • Starts in.rarpd, if necessary
    • Starts rpc.bootparamd, if necessary
    • Starts NFS daemons, if necessary
    • Adds an entry to the /etc/ethers file, if the -e option is given
    • Adds an entry to the /etc/hosts file, if the -i option is given
    • Updates/creates the /etc/bootparams file
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