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Adding a Jumpstart Client

  • A sample entry in the /etc/bootparams looks as follows:
    	damascus.cs.duke.edu \
    	root=sunfish:/var/tmp/jumpstart/Solaris_8/Tools/Boot \
    	install=sunfish:/var/tmp/jumpstart/Solaris_8 \
    	boottype=:in \
    	sysid_config=cuckoo:/cs/cuckoo/install/config/proto/sparc \
    	install_config=cuckoo:/cs/cuckoo/install/config \
    In this example, the machine damascus is using sunfish as it's Boot and Install server, while getting its Configuration information from cuckoo.

  • Entries can be removed from the jumpstart server by running
    		rm_install_client  hostname
    This removes the entry from the /etc/bootparams file and removes the entires from the /tftboot directory.
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