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Guidelines for Solaris Installation

Jumpstart server space requirements for Sparc architecture for Solaris 8 04/01:

Size (MB) Directory Description
316 Solaris_8/Product Packages
101 Solaris_8/EA Unbundled/prelim packages
157 Solaris_8/Tools Tools and Boot/ miniroot
777 Solaris_8 Total

For the clients, the installed size varies depending on the software packages installed.

From Table 2-1 in the Solaris 8 Advanced Installation Guide:

Software Group Cluster Recommended Disk Space
Entire Distribution + OEM Support SUNWCXall 2.4 GB
Entire Distribution SUNWCall 2.3 GB
Developer System Support SUNWCprog 1.9 GB
End User System Support SUNWCuser 1.6 GB

These estimates are very generous. On an Blade-100 with 256 MB of RAM and a 14.25 GB hard drive, installing the SUNWCall cluster took 788 MB.

By default, Jumpstart partitioned the machine as follows:

/ root 1.25 GB
swap swap 148 MB
/export/home home 12.5 GB
Install times for the above machine with a 100Mb, full-duplex ethernet connection are approximately 50 min for a SUNWCall install.

Full time for above install plus all current patches (approximately 340 patches installed) was approximately 1:40.

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