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Installing the Jumpstart Server

As of Solaris 8, the software installaion now comes on two CD's plus the Languages CD. This means you cannot simply use the CD as the source for the installation.

The Solaris 8 Software 1 of 2 CD contains the majority of the Solaris packages, the jumpstart server/client tools and examples, the Solaris 8 miniroot (used to boot the jumpstart clients) and any patches available at the time the CD was issued.

The Solaris 8 Software 2 of 2 CD contains the rest of the Solaris packages and the unbundled and preliminary evaluation software (i.e. DiskSuite...)

  • On the Install server, create a jumpstart root directory

  • Make sure the jumpstart directories are exported:
       # share -F nfs -o ro,anon=0 -d "Jumpstart Directory" \
    Add this information to /etc/dfs/dfstab to make the changes permanent across reboots.

    Note: Remember the anon=0, without this your installs will mysteriously fail!

  • On the Configuration server, create a directory for the configuration files and scripts.

  • Make sure this directory is also exported. If the Install server and Configuration server are the same machine, you can simply put the installation and configuration directories under the same parent and export that.
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