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Jumpstart Directory Layout

Once the jumpstart files have been installed, the layout of the directory should be as follows.

  • In the Jumpstart root directory:
    .install_config@ link to example config files
    Solaris_8/ architecture-dependent Jumpstart Installation

  • In the Jumpstart Installation directory:
    Solaris_8/ Docs/ release notes
    EA/ unbundled and preliminary evaluation software
    Misc/ example rules file, check script, profiles begin/finish scripts
    Patches/ patches available at time of CD release
    Product/ Solaris packages and control files
    Tools/ jumpstart installation tools and Boot/ subdirectory which contains Solaris miniroot
  • The Patches directory turns out not to be very useful, since the jumpstart patching process orders patches by creation date and not from a patch_order file. Also the patching process can significantly increase the install time.

    The best suggestion is not to use the Jumpstart Patch process unless it is specifically required.

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