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Jumpstart rules file


  • Some examples of valude keywords are as follows (see Table 6-3 in the Advanced Installation Guide for complete list)

    any - matches any machine
    arch sparc from output of uname -p (sparc or i386)
    disksize c0t0d0 600-800 disk is in the form cxtydz, and size range is specified in MB
    hostname damascus hostname from output of uname -n
    karch sun4u platform group from output of uname -m (sun4m, i86pc,...)
    memsize 16-32 range of physical RAM on the machine (in MB)
    network logical AND between IP and subnet mask

  • Sample profiles, rules and begin/finish scripts can be found in the following directories:
    Some examples of rules are as follows (split over lines for readability, this may be done in the rules file as well:

  • hostname ice.cs.duke.edu       \
    scripts/duke_begin     profiles/ice     scripts/duke_finish
    Here a host matching the name ice.cs.duke.edu will first execute the duke_begin script, install Solaris using the profile ice located in the profiles directory and finish the installation by executing the duke_finish script.

  • network       \
     -			profiles/trusted   scripts/trusted_finish
    In this example, a host on the 152.3.140 network will install Solaris using the profile trusted and finish the installation by executing the trusted_finish script.

  • karch sun4m && disksize c0t0d0 100-800	\
    scripts/small_begin 	profiles/small   scripts/small_finish
    In this example, hosts of platform group, sun4m with primary disks less than 800 MB will get special scripts and profile, befitting their small disks.

  • After changes have been made to the rules, they must be verified by running the check script. This creates a rules.ok file, which is the file actually used by jumpstart.

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