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Pre- and Post-Install Scripts

    The begin and finish scripts are Bourne shell scripts run before and after the OS installation, respectively. Anything that can be done in a shell script can be done here!

    • Can be used to create derived profiles.

    • Can be used to save/copy files before and after the installation.

      • During the jumpstart, filesystems being installed are mounted on /a, so be careful with this!

      • During pre-install, the /a filesystem must be explicitly mounted.

      • Use the variable $SI_CONFIG_DIR to copy files from the jumpstart configuration directory to the client:
        	cp ${SI_CONFIG_DIR}/file  /a/file
        A listing of installation environment variables can be found in Table 7-1 of the Advanced Installation Guide.

      • Can use the pre-install script to save files (to /tmp) during the install process and restore them with the post-install script.

    • Can be used to customize settings after the install is finished.

      • Set the root password automatically (this prevents the system for prompting for a root password at first boot). Look for the set_root_pw script in the auto_install_sample directory.

      • Can install patch clusters post-install, avoiding the ordering problems of the jumpstart patch install.

    • Pre- and Post-Install script outputs are located in
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