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sysidcfg file

A jumpstart client needs certain information available in order to perform a fully-unattended install. In Solaris 8, this can only be provided by a sysidcfg configuration file.

DNS and NIS+ cannot provide security_policy or protocol_ipv6 and LDAP is not supported. A sample sysidcfg file

	name_service=NIS {domain_name=cs.duke.edu 
	network_interface=PRIMARY {netmask= 
  • sysidcfg file is somewhat OS-dependent.

  • The hashed root password is visible here, and it is on a filesystem exported with anon=0 (and no this is not our root password!). Note that the sysidcfg is left in /etc after the install.

  • The protocol_ipv6 and security_policy keywords are new to Solaris 8 and will not work with previous OS installations.

  • sysidcfg log file is located in /var/sadm/system/logs/sysidcfg.log

  • For a complete listing of the syntax rules and keywords used in the sysidcfg file, see Table 4-2 in the Advanced Installation Guide.

  • For more information on security_policy see http://www.sun.com/software/solutions/blueprints/0300/sysidcfg.pdf
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