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Geographic Information Systems


The ODYSSEY Development Team (c. 1981)

I worked on the ODYSSEY geographic information system, and wrote the CALYPSO module of ODYSSEY.
Here is a picture of some of the Odyssey Team (c. 1981, Left to right):
Jim Dougenik, Bruce Donald, Tom Digennaro, Geoffrey Dutton, Scott Morehouse,
ODYSSEY (on magtape), Martin Broekhuysen, Duane Niemeyer, Allan Schmidt, and Sascha (front).
I was the youngest member of the ODYSSEY team.

We are holding a tape of the final ODYSSEY distribution (see my left hand) on the day (approximately) it shipped.

Note the recursion (see my right hand).
Many Odyssey modules were recursive or tail-recursive, but we had to
implement the recursion (stack, environment, parameters, binding, etc.) ourselves
since Fortran 77 did not natively support recursion. This meant that we
effectively had to write a small operating system within the shackles of
machine-independent Fortran.

--- Bruce Donald

Here is the original image (unsharpened).