SFI90 - Swing from Ithaca - MP3's

The acoustic album Swing from Ithaca was recorded in New York during 1990-1991 by Mark Reichert and Bruce Donald. The players were:

The tunes below are available in both MP3 and Windows WMA formats.

At the time, Bruce Donald and Jim Davis were playing with Harmful If Swallowed.

  Name                      Size     Notes

[SND] 01-Swing-From-Ithaca..> 943k Swing from Ithaca (M. Reichert) [   ] 01-Swing-From-Ithaca..> 3.2M [SND] 02-Nardis.mp3 1.7M Nardis (M. Davis) [   ] 02-Nardis.wma 5.9M [SND] 03-In-a-Sentimental-..> 945k In a Sentimental Mood (D. Ellington) [   ] 03-In-a-Sentimental-..> 3.2M [SND] 04-Cherokee.mp3 2.1M Cherokee [   ] 04-Cherokee.wma 7.4M [SND] 05-Brokedown-Palace.mp3 1.9M Brokedown Palace (R. Hunter & J. Garcia) [   ] 05-Brokedown-Palace.wma 6.7M [SND] 06-Blue-Midnight.mp3 1.8M Blue Midnight (D. Grisman) [   ] 06-Blue-Midnight.wma 6.1M [SND] 07-All-of-Me.mp3 1.3M All of Me (S. Simmons) [   ] 07-All-of-Me.wma 4.5M [SND] 08-Georgia.mp3 1.8M Georgia (H. Carmichael) [   ] 08-Georgia.wma 6.2M [SND] 09-Doctor-Jazz.mp3 1.5M Hello central, give me Dr. Jazz... (J. Oliver & W. Melrose) [   ] 09-Doctor-Jazz.wma 5.3M [SND] 10-Some-of-the-Thing..> 2.3M Some of the Things You're Not (M. Reichert) [   ] 10-Some-of-the-Thing..> 8.1M