Tasty Possum

We are an acoustic band called Tasty Possum. We have guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, cello ("the big fiddle"), bass, and vocals and we play a wide range of music focusing on Americana, Celtic, fiddle tunes, some bluegrass, and some jazz. Some downloadable samples of our tunes are below. Click to listen.

Recent Performances

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Icon  Filename                  Recorded/Mixed   Size  Name/Description
[SND] 1-WhileRovingOn_Tast..> 27-Dec-2012 3.8M While Roving on a Winter's Night [SND] 2-LakesOfPonchartrai..> 27-Dec-2012 5.6M Lakes of Ponchartrain [SND] 3-ScullysReel_Dec_26..> 27-Dec-2012 5.5M Scully's Reel [SND] 4-WhiskeyStAnne_Dec2..> 27-Dec-2012 7.7M Whiskey Before Breakfast -> St. Anne's Reel [SND] 5-Feb-12-11-County D..> 13-Feb-2011 4.1M Flower of the County Down (Feb. 12, 2011) [SND] 6-CelloOfTheCountyDo..> 27-Dec-2012 53M Cello of the County Down (Large file)
Contact: You can contact us at this email address. (Please do not publish our e-mail address on any website or mailing list or book [yes, people have actually published books that are lists of musicians' email addresses]. It will cause us to receive spam, since the address can be harvested by advertisers).

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