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Bruce Randall Donald
James B. Duke Professor

Professor of
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          Biochemistry &
Duke University

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Welcome to Bruce Donald's homepage. I am a Professor of Computer Science at Duke University, Professor of Mathematics, Professor of Chemistry, and Professor of Biochemistry in the Duke University Medical Center.

My laboratory is part of the

We are grateful to our funders for their support.

You can browse my books and papers, learn about research in my laboratory, read about my lab in the news, or take my (not entirely?) Random Walk:
  1975-1976 Harvard, Special Student
  1976-1980 Yale, B.A.
  1980-1984 Harvard, GSD
  1982-1987 MIT, Ph.D. in Computer Science
  1985-1987 NASA JPL, CalTech. Fellowship
  1987-1998 Cornell Computer Science Department, Professor
  1994-1996 Stanford University, Sabbatical
  1995-1997 Interval Research Corporation
  1997-2006 Dartmouth, Professor
  2018-now  Ten63 Therapeutics, Founder
  2006-now  Duke, Professor.

Feel free to check out classes I teach.

Our lab has a YouTube channel.

Here are tips on using LaTeX for NIH grant applications.

I have a bit of fun stuff: you can check out my band, more music (MP3s), MEMS movies, robot movies, and other hacks.

    Fun facts:
       My Erdös Number is 3.
       Only 0.4% of mathematicians have supervised more than 27 PhD dissertations.
       My third cousin is Elvis Presley’s first cousin once removed.
       My father was born and raised in Goodman, MS — the last successful stop that Casey Jones made (before fatally crashing at Vaughan in 1900).

If you are interested in joining my laboratory, please read my brief FAQ.

Bruce R. Donald
Professor of Computer Science, Duke University
Professor of Biochemistry, Duke University Medical Center
P.O. Box 90129
Department of Computer Science
D101 Levine Science Research Center (LSRC)
Research Drive
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708-0129 USA

Please do not publish my e-mail address on any website or mailing list or book (yes, people have actually published books that are lists of scientists' email addresses). It will cause me to receive spam, since the address can be harvested by advertisers.
It's my initials: `b' followed by `r' followed
by `d' `at' `cs' period `duke' period 'edu'.
Phone: 919-660-6583

Office: D212 Levine Science Research Center (LSRC)
Donald Laboratory:
Google maps; Duke Maps: LSRC, FFSC

Algorithms in Structural Molecular Biology,  MIT Press (2011)
Textbook (MIT Press).

Et cette proposition est généralement vraie en toutes progressions et en tous nombres premiers; de quoi je vous envoierois la démonstration, si je n'appréhendois d'être trop long.

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