Course Administration and Resources
Advanced Topics in Systems:
Programming Palmtop Applications

CPS 296.3, Spring 1999


Tentative Schedule

Tuesday Thursday
January 14 Getting Started; Video;
Play with your WorkPad*
19 Characteristics of Palmtop Apps
Read Ch 1; Read Ch 3;
Peruse Shareware Apps
21 Survey of Applications
Read Ch 2
26 Development Environments
Choose tool to become wizard for
28 Structure of an Application
Read Ch 4
February 2 Constructor
Read Ch 5
4 Working through example
Read rest of Part II
9 Project Proposals11 Project Proposals
16 More Project Proposals18 Even More Project Proposals
Choose research paper to present**
23 Conduits, Read Part III
and 8-min Milly Watt talk
Begin Research Topics
March 2 Kirill does Kistler [7]4 Ron does Mummert [11]
9 Jason does Weiser [18]11 Kurt does Demers [3]
16 Spring Break18 Spring Break
23 Matt does Joseph [5]25 HOTOS talk - Carla
30 HOTOS - Guest lecturerApril 1 Keith does Fox [6]
6 Todd does Rudendo [13]8 Jeremy does Noble [12]
13Ann Marie does Spreitzer [15]15
20 Carla does Kuenning [9] 22 Carla does Kravets [8]

* Italics indicate assignments to be done.

Final Show-and-Tell Event

Tuesday May 4 from 9am to noon in LSRC D344. Refreshments will be served.

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