Course Announcement
Advanced Topics in Systems:
Programming Palmtop Applications

CPS 296.3, Spring 1999

This is a project course devoted to programming small mobile computing devices such as the PalmPilot or IBM Workpad*. The goal is to give students first hand experience building novel applications and exercising the existing development tools for these systems. We will also explore research issues raised by these kinds of systems, in particular, the problems associated with power management to maximize battery lifetime.

The projects may be done by individuals or small groups. Students will be required to do presentations in class: one presentation of their project design and one presentation of a paper in the mobile computing literature that pertains to these kinds of devices. At the end of the term, we should be able to hold a grand show-and-tell of cool applications!

Instructor: Carla Ellis
Office: D324 LSRC
Phone: 660-6523
Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:30-11:30 AM

Class time and place: Tuesday and Thursday at 9:10-10:25 a.m. in D344.


Here's a short selection of slides presented at the show-and-tell held May 4, 1999.

Final report, coming soon.

* Thanks to Duke Computer Science Industrial Partners - IBM in the Research Triangle Park for a generous donation of IBM Workpads for use in the class and Metrowerks for providing the CodeWarrior Development Environment. Thanks to Intel for an equipment grant that provided the NT Workstations used as the platform for Codewarrior and the Palm Desktop.