Dr. Jeffrey S. Chase

Jeffrey S. Chase is a Professor of Computer Science at Duke University in Durham, NC. His research with Duke's Network and Internet Computing Lab deals with efficient and reliable sharing of information and resources in computer networks ranging from clusters to the global Internet.

More puff:

Dr. Chase has published over 80 technical papers in refereed conferences and journals on topics including network storage, I/O prefetching, end-system networking, active storage, utility computing, Internet content distribution, massive-data computing, and automated management of large-scale server infrastructures. He has served on program committees for leading technical conferences in operating systems, distributed computing, file and storage technologies, and Web content delivery.


Dr. Chase is an alumnus of Dartmouth College. He received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Washington in 1995.

B.A. (1985), Mathematics and Computer Science, Dartmouth College
M.S. (1989), Ph.D. (1995), Computer Science, University of Washington

Some ancient history:

Before moving to academia, Dr. Chase spent seven years as a Senior Software Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation, working primarily as a Unix kernel developer in the areas of file systems and networking. Among his contributions at Digital he was a principal developer of Digital's first implementation of Sun's Network File System (NFS), Digital's first Unix kernel for symmetric multiprocessors, and the first version of the Polycenter hierarchical file system. Polycenter manages magnetic disks as a cache over a magneto-optical jukebox, providing the illusion of a single disk containing a massive data store.