Duke University

Department of Computer Science

CPS 300 Fall 2006

9/1 Chase

Introduction to the graduate program

9/8 Chase

Publication and peer review.
Conferences, workshops, journals.

9/15 Carlo Tomasi


9/22 Alvin Lebeck

How to be a good graduate student

9/29 Landon Cox

How to write bad papers and give bad talks

10/6 No class

10/13 Ron Parr

75 minutes of pontificating on provocative principles for a productive pedagogical experience.

10/20 Chase

How to do research [PDF]

10/27 Kamesh Munagala

Algorithms for budgeted learning and its applications to optimizing transmission in wireless nodes and sensor networks, and to database query optimization.

11/10 Vincent Conitzer

How to be a happy and productive grad student [PPT]
Brief introduction to game theory and mechanism design [PPT]

11/17 Bruce Donald

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