CPS 49: The Global Commons
Cooperation and Conflict on the Internet
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The course will center on reading, discussion, and writing, with some exposure to technological underpinnings and Internet tools.

The reading list will include popular books on foundational concepts, technologies, and their impacts, supplemented with reprints of articles from the popular press (e.g., The Economist, Scientific American, MIT Technology Review), and various web readings.

Approximately 50% of the grade will be based on writing. Writing assignments consist of two short (2-page), persuasive essays, which will be reviewed in depth and rewritten as necessary, and a longer research paper (6-10 pages) exploring a topic of the student's choosing.

Students will also submit summaries and position statements to an online discussion forum, and there will be one written examination.
Short paper on network neutrality due 10/30
Personal web page due Tuesday, October 17.