August 28 Introduction
August 30 Gutenberg printing press
September 4 Social impacts of the press, and authorship/copyright issues
September 6 Diane Pozefsky of IBM RTP: the Internet vs. the telephone and automobile
September 11 David Kaminsky of IBM RTP: intellectual property
September 13 Class canceled due to September 11
September 18 Discussion of Internet privacy vs. security in a world with terrorists
September 20 Wiretapping, Carnivore, and electronic surveillance
September 25 Debate on US wiretapping policy
September 27 Longitude, the process of innovation, and science vs. technology
October 2 Babbage's computing engines and Countess Ada Lovelace
October 4 Telegraph: Victorian Internet
October 9 Addressing, routing, and switching in telegraph systems and the Internet
October 11 Telegraph to telephone and radio
October 16 Propaganda and censorship: Osama bin Laden video and VOA
October 18 Cryptography up to the two World Wars, and the Enigma machine
October 23 Internet cryptography and RSA (Ashish Gehani)
October 25 Chase stuck again (Chicago this time): class canceled
October 30 More Internet crypto: authentication and digital signatures.
November 1 JCR Licklider and the Dream Machine
November 6 Where Wizards Stay Up Late: Packet switching
November 8 Where Wizards Stay Up Late: ARPANET and IMPs
November 13 Where Wizards Stay Up Late: Routers and queues
November 15 Where Wizards Stay Up Late: Internetworking and TCP/IP
November 20 The evolving Internet and the Web: NSFnet and the rise of the commercial Internet
November 27 The evolving Internet and the Web: HTTP, clients and servers, Mosaic and Netscape, static and dynamic content
November 29 Internet infrastructure: the Domain Name Service, search engines, Web caching and content distribution
December 4 Big Brother: cookies and clickstreams, unverifiable transactions, the DoubleClick controversy
December 6 Barbarians at the Gate: hackers, terrorists, and infrastructure security