CPS 701
Introduction to Graduate Study

Jeff Chase (chase@cs.duke.edu)
Meets once per week: see the calendar
Fall 2021: Friday 3:30 - 4:45, D106 LSRC


  • 11/19: Link wander and wrap-up
  • 11/12: Funding: the Endless Frontier and NSF, programs and panels, technology transfer
  • 11/5: Papers: presentation and writing
  • 10/29: Papers: selecting, reading, evaluating
  • 10/22: Guest: Prof. Xiaowei Yang
  • 10/15: Guest: Prof. Ashwin Machanavajjhala
  • 10/1: Peer review
  • 9/24: Flavors of science; Computer Science as a science
  • 9/17: Advancing knowledge; Constitution of Knowledge
  • 9/10: Mentoring issues and case studies
  • 9/3: Advisors, mentoring, working with your advisor
  • 8/28: Elements of our CS-PhD program

CPS 701 is an introduction for incoming graduate students in computer science. Topics for discussion include: computer science as a research discipline, views of what consitutes a research contribution, approaches to research in different subfields, tools and methodologies, publishing and presenting research results, the role of computer science as an "amplifier" in other sciences, ethical and policy issues, the information technology industry, grants and funding, and guidelines for success as a graduate student and as a scientist.