Chenwei Wu 吴晨玮

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Chenwei Wu
Email: cwwu AT cs DOT duke DOT edu
Office: LSRC D227
Phone: (919) 660-4012
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About Me

I am currently a fifth year Ph.D. student at Duke University, in the Computer Science Department, advised by Prof. Rong Ge. My research interests are in machine learning theory, and theoretical computer science in general.


No Spurious Local Minima in a Two Hidden Unit ReLU Network
with Jiajun Luo, Jason D. Lee

Guarantees for Tuning the Step Size using a Learning-to-Learn Approach
with Xiang Wang, Shuai Yuan, Rong Ge

Secure Data Sharing With Flow Model
with Chenzhuang Du, Yang Yuan

Dissecting Hessian: Understanding Common Structure of Hessian in Neural Networks
with Yikai Wu, Xingyu Zhu, Annie Wang, Rong Ge

Beyond Lazy Training for Over-parameterized Tensor Decomposition
with Xiang Wang, Jason Lee, Tengyu Ma, Rong Ge

Towards Understanding the Data Dependency of Mixup-style Training
with Muthu Chidambaram, Xiang Wang, Yuzheng Hu, Rong Ge


CS 330: Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Spring 2019)