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Aaron Struck, Brandon Westover, Berk Ustun and I won the INFORMS Innovative Applications in Analytics Award in 2019 for our work on interpretable models for ICU seizure prediction. (Analytics News Announcement)

Chaofan Chen, Kangcheng Lin, Yaron Shaposhnik, Sijia Wang, Tong Wang and I won the FICO Recognition Prize for the FICO Explainable Machine Learning Challenge. We did not follow the instructions - rather than explaining a black box we provided a globally interpretable model. (FICO's announcement of the winners)

Congratulations to the Duke Data Science Team! After our first semester, we are winners of the CVPR-NTIRE 2018 Single Image Super-Resolution Competition (Track 1) , and winners of the PoetiX Creative Turing Test 2018! It's been a pleasure coaching you guys!


  • Data Science at Home Podcast by Francesco Gadaleta, called “How can deep neural networks reason” about our work on interpretable networks for computer vision

  • PAPIs random interview, 2016


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Crime Data Mining


Meeting Analysis

Some of the media coverage of our meetings analysis paper was pretty funny.

Product Rankings

Power Grid Reliability



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