Random stuff I like:

Old-style (but new) French music

I used to compose music in a French impressionistic style. Here is a piece I wrote as an undergraduate called “Citherne,” performed by the marvelous pianist, mathematician, and fellow graduate student (at the time) Adrian Banner at the GC dining hall at Princeton.
(recording of Citherne by Adrian Banner) | (score for Citherne)
It was supposed to be the first of 4 movements, but I never wrote the third and fourth. The second piece is called Theorbo. Here is a recording of Theorbo, performed by the very talented Garrett Katz, who I have not yet had the good fortune to meet in person, but hopefully someday! The score is also here in case you would like to try to play it (it's not too hard to sightread).
(recording of Theorbo by Garrett Katz) | (score for Theorbo)

Room Escape Games

I love room escape games and other types of puzzle games, particularly those that are easy for a kid to solve but might be hard for an adult.


Bluegrass music is excellent.


Particularly the high quality dark kind.

Old Houses

I'm a proud member of our local preservation society