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My life in links:

This is where I'm from. Here's another look. And another. And another. I was born here.

I went to college here, but used to hang out here, too. Here's my high school and my elementary school.

I worked here for 5 years after college.

Then I lived here for a couple of years. During that time, I worked here (was BBN, Inc.), here (used to exist), here (was DEC), and here as a contractor.

Here's where I live now. (Some more links: here, here, and here.) This is where I work; I transferred from this department, which is part of the same institution.

Here're some current projects I'm working on.

Date Calculator

Calendar Generator

Virtual Coin Toss (with a twist)

Virtual Dice Roll (with a twist)

[This is old, but maybe still worth a chuckle.]

Toolman articles.

Here are a few assorted shell scripts and C programs you might find useful.

Here are a few assorted recipes you might find tasteful.

Some other stuff of dubious usefulness.

Details of my sordid past (a bit out-of-date).

Here are some friends of mine.

I have some ``friends'' who think this is funny.

My fave limerick.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about this site.

Professional affiliations (but don't tell them I said so):

The USENIX Association SAGE, The System Administrators' Guild LOPSA, The League of Professional System Administrators

Yo, Dan...

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``In the land of the dark,
the Ship of the Sun is driven
by the Grateful Dead''
        -- Egyptian Book of the Dead