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Page last updated: 28 December 1998

Welcome to the check home page.

check is a documentation tool. It is a utility to keep directory index files up to date on UNIX systems.

An article about check entitled ``Toolman's Approach to Documenting UNIX Directories'' appears in the June 1997 issue of the USENIX Association's ;login: magazine.

The following are available:
The program itself - Bourne shell script [51 KB].
The ``man'' page, troff format [12 KB].
The ``man'' page, PostScript format [26 KB].

The ;login: article in plain ASCII text format [11 KB].

The article in PDF format [25 KB].
The article in gzipped PostScript format [377 KB].

A related script that converts an INDEX file into HTML -- Bourne shell script [21 KB].

check is written and maintained by Daniel E. Singer at the Department of Computer Science of Duke University. If you have any questions, please send email to

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