Daniel E. Singer

Lately I've been dabbling in these activities:

Last update: 8/19/2009

Durham Central Market
Am active in the formation of Durham Central Market, which will be a Weaver Street Market - like grocery near Durham Central Park.

NC*SA Webmaster
I am designing and running the web site for the North Carolina System Administrators group.

NPNA BoD & Treasurer
Member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer for Northgate Park Neighborhood Association.

NPNA Group List Manager
Set up and am managing the discussion forum for the Northgate Park Neighborhood Association.

TRUB Group List Manager
Am managing the discussion forum for the TRiangle Unabashed homeBrewers.

Was doing, but not anymore:
Duke University Liaison for the USENIX Association
I am Duke's Campus Representative for the USENIX Association. See those pages for more details.

UNIX Review
Occasional contributions to the Shell Corner column of UNIX Review online magazine.

TRUB Executive Committee
Executive Committee member of TRiangle Unabashed homeBrewers.

Toolman Article Series
I've been writing a series of articles appearing in the USENIX Association's ;login: magazine. The theme of the articles is the creation and use of software tools as a means of getting things done more effectively and efficiently. See the Toolman Home Page for more information.

NC*SA Steering Committee member
I am a Steering Committee member and the Program Coordinator of the North Carolina Systems Administrators organization. My two-year term started in November of 1998.

RTPnet volunteer
I am also a volunteer for the Research Triangle Park Free Net (RTPnet) organization. I'm involved with the deployment and maintenance of their majordomo mailing list system.

BFHSAA Webmaster
I am designing and implementing web pages for my high school's alumni association. The school is Benjamin Franklin High School in New Orleans; it's sort of an advanced magnet school. It's neat that from here in North Carolina, I can maintain a web site in another state. See this link for more details.

MENC Executive Committee
Executive Committee member and Treasurer of Mensa of Eastern North Carolina.

UNO Alumni Association
I am trying to see if I can get some sort of North Carolina chapter of the University of New Orleans Alumni Association started. It's slow going...

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