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Page last updated: 31 July 2006

The August 2000 Toolman article presents a Bourne shell script called edq that automates and adds functionality to the UNIX edquota facility for editing user disk quotas. edq allows for automated (noninteractive) editing of quotas, remote quota modifications, automatic detection of users' home directory partition, etc. The article, entitled ``Toolman: Meet Ed Q.,'' appears in the August 2000 issue of the USENIX Association's ;login: magazine.

The following are (or will be) available:
Note: Some versions of the article are not yet available online.
The ;login: article in HTML [?? KB].
The ;login: article in PDF format [65 KB].
The ;login: article in gzipped PostScript format [91 KB].
The ;login: article in plain ASCII text format [10 KB].

The program itself ­ Bourne shell script [22 KB].
The ``man'' page, troff format [7 KB].
The ``man'' page, PostScript format [15 KB].

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