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Page last updated: 9 September 2000

The October 1999 Toolman article presents a Bourne shell script called rc that can be used to automate the check-out/edit/check-in cycle of SCCS and RCS revision control systems. rc also provides many sanity checks that help to prevent mistakes. The article, entitled ``Toolman: Revision Control Revisited,'' appears in the October 1999 issue of the USENIX Association's ;login: magazine.

The following are available:
The ;login: article in HTML [15 KB].
The ;login: article in PDF format [59 KB].
The ;login: article in gzipped PostScript format [135 KB].
The ;login: article in plain ASCII text format [13 KB].

The program itself ­ Bourne shell script [25 KB].
The ``man'' page, troff format [7 KB].
The ``man'' page, PostScript format [17 KB].

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