Here are a few recipes that might be worth sharing...

Daniel E. Singer

Last update: 2/7/2005

Split Pea Soup
Brothy, very easy, serve over rice

Yet Another Lentil Soup
Brothy, very easy, serve over rice

New Orleans style one-pot meal

White Chili (white beans and chicken)
Fowler's Gourmet Grocery recipe, adapted with more fresh ingredients

Maya's killer recipe for Indian chick peas

Some very easy Gazpacho
My rendition of Mom's recipe

This Gazpacho is even better
My revised and improved recipe

Corn and Basil Salad
Refreshing side dish or light meal.

Avocado Ecstasy Guacamole
Really brings out the flavor of avocado

Aromatic basil garnish for pasta and other dishes

A spread of Provençal origin

Garlicky Cranberry Chutney
Madhur Jaffrey's recipe, with some enhancements

Cranberry Chutney
An even more elaborate cranberry concoction

Rice Cracker Snack Mix
My fave snack mix; no cooking

Fruit Salad
Easy and tasty

Notable Oatmeal
Some people think they know how to make oatmeal...

And remember:   Cooking is the foreplay of eating!

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