Tapénade is a spread of Provençal origin.
It is also known to come from Durham, North Carolina.

Makes ~1 quart.


2 mediumtomatoes, diced
2 ribscelery, diced
½ - ¾ cupblack olives - cured or canned, pitted and chopped
½ - ¾ cupgreen olives - cured or canned, pitted and chopped
1 tbsp.capers, drained
2 smallbanana peppers, diced
2 - 4 clovesgarlic, chopped
½ - 1 cupfresh basil, chopped
1 tsp.mixed dried herbs
¼ tsp.black pepper, ground
¼ tsp.red pepper flakes
1 tbsp.lemon juice
1 tbsp.red wine vinegar
½ cupextra virgin olive oil
~omit banana pepper and/or red pepper
~bell pepper, diced; substitute for banana pepper
~your choice of fresh or dried herbs; substitute for basil and mixed herbs
~anchovies or sardines
~salt to taste, if needed



Recipe created July 26, 2001, by Daniel E. Singer
URL: http://www.cs.duke.edu/~des/recipes/tapenade.html