Danfeng Zhang is an Associate Professor at Duke University. Before joining Duke University in 2023, he was an Associate Professor at Penn State University.

Research Statement

Software plays a crucial rule in the digital age. Yet, it is still very challenging to develop correct and secure software, even for veteran software developers. The goal of my research is to prove the absence of software errors, and further, generate fixes when things go wrong. My research currently includes security, privacy, type safety and software correctness.

Selected Projects

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Honors and Awards

NSF CAREER Award, 2020
The Caspar Bowden PET Award, Runner-Up, 2019
CCS'18 Outstanding Paper Award, 2018
PLDI'15 Distinguished Paper Award, 2015



Professional Activities


My research is currently supported by NSF 2401182, 2401496, 2317232 as well as a gift from Intel.