NSF CDI Workshop on

The Role of Symbolic, Numeric and Algebraic Computation in

Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI)

Can Scientific Software keep up with Moore’s Law?

A Transformational Grand Challenge

National Science Foundation

Room 1235

4201 Wilson Boulevard

Arlington, VA 22230

October 30-31, 2007


Final Schedule

TUESDAY, October 30, 2007

8:30 - 9:00: Registration, coffee, juice, mini muffins (Room 1235), and Poster Set-Up (Atrium)


9:00 - 9:05: Opening of Workshop by Co-Chairs Erich Kaltofen (NCSU), Lenore Mullin (NSF CISE CCF), Alvin Thaler (NSF MPS DMS)

9:05 - 9:20: Welcome from NSF Deputy Assistant Directors Debbie Crawford

(CISE) and Jack Lightbody (MPS)

9:20 - 9:35: Welcome from NSF Division Directors Mike Foster (CISE CCF) and Executive Officer Deborah Lockhart (MPS DMS)

9:35-10:00: What is CDI? Tom Russell Co-Chair CDI Committee (MPS DMS)


10:00-11:00: Panel I: What are the Grand Challenges for Symbolic, Numeric and Algebraic Scientific Computing?

Erich Kaltofen (Moderator): James Demmel (2 screen shots), Randolph Franklin, Jeremy Johnson, Marianna Safronova, Jan Verschelde.


11:00-12:00: Panel II: Applicable Computer Science Foundations

Lenore Mullin (Moderator): Gene Copperman, Matthew Knepley, Jeremy Siek, Cleve Moler, Arun Rodrigues (4 screen shots [not shown during discussion]), Stephen Watt


12:00-2:00: Lunch at local restaurants


2:00-3:00:  Panel III: What next? Where to from here? Opportunities, Pitfalls, Other issues

Alvin Thaler (Moderator); Gilbert Baumslag, Alyson Reeves, Anna Tsao


Physics (Session Chair: Barry Schneider)

3:00-3:25:  Invited Talk:  Anthony Kennedy Symbolic Supercomputing


3:25-3:45:  Break


Symbolic Computation (Session Chair: Chris Brown)

3:45-4:10:  Invited Talk:  Mike Dewar Early experiences with the High End Computing Terascale Resource (HECToR)

4:10-4:35:  Invited Talk:  B. David Saunders Why Solve Linear Systems Exactly?

4:35-5:00:  Invited Talk:  Stephen Watt The Role of Categorical Languages


5:00-8:00:  Closing remarks by NSF CISE Assistant Director Jeannette Wing

Followed by Reception and Poster Session in the NSF Atrium.

Posters by Jerry Bernholc, Chris Brown, Randolph Franklin, Robert Miner, David Padua, Marianna Safronova, Jan Verschelde, Lihong Zhi


WEDNESDAY, October 31, 2007

8:30-9:00: Coffee, juice, biscotti


Computer Science (Session Chair: Robert Miner)

9:00-9:25: Invited Talk:  David Padua Software in the Era of Parallelism

9:25-9:50: Invited Talk:  Matthew Knepley (Argonne National Laboratories) Refactoring Finite Element Computation

9:50-10:15: Invited Talk:  Fernando Perez (Univ. Colorado) Modern Algorithms in Mathematical Research, Parallelism and Languages: the Intersection of Theoretical and Practical Issues


10:15-10:35: Break; Frank Sottile (4 screen shots)


Mathematics (Session Chair: Vicki Powers)

10:35-11:00 Invited Talk: Dan Grayson (Univ. Illinois Urbana-Champaign) Cyber-Aided Mathematics


11:00-12:00 Panel IV: Perspectives by Organizing Committee: Erich Kaltofen, Lenore Mullin, Alvin Thaler (Co-Chairs), Lee Jameson  (NSF MPS DMS), Jeremy Johnson (Drexel Univ.), Eun Park (NSF CISE CCF), Emil Volcheck (ACM), Stephen Watt (Univ. Western Ontario, Canada)


End of workshop