NSF Workshop On

Future Directions of Symbolic Computation Research

And Their Applications to the Domain Sciences

Second of two workshops (Link to first)

University of Rhode Island

Ballentine Hall, Room 115

Kingston, Rhode Island

April 30-May 1, 2009 (joined with ECCAD’09)


Final Schedule


THURSDAY, April 30, 2009

1:00-1:45: Registration (open to the public, free)


1:45-2:00: Opening of Workshop by Co-Chairs Erich Kaltofen (NCSU), Lenore Mullin (NSF CISE CCF)

2:00-2:15: Welcome from Local Arrangements Chair Ed Lamagna (URI), Donald H. DeHayes (URI Provost)

2:15-2:30: CPATH by Joan Peckham (NSF CISE CNS)


2:30-3:30: Panel I: What are the Grand Challenges for Symbolic Computation?

Erich Kaltofen (Moderator):  Mark van Hoeij, Hoon Hong, Ilse Ipsen, David Wood


3:30-4:00: Coffee break


Session I (Session Chair: Emil Volchek)

4:00-4:25:  Invited Talk 1: G. Cooperman Symbolic Computation Using Disk-Based Parallel Computing

4:25-4:50:  Invited Talk 2: M. Püschel Tackling Parallelism Using Symbolic Computation

4:50-5:15:  Invited Talk 3: J. Maurice Rojas A Homotopy Method Preserving Real Topology with High Probability

5:15-5:40:  Invited Talk 4: A. Szanto Trace matrices and clusters of zeros


6:00-8:00: Dinner Reception at the URI University Club


FRIDAY, May 1, 2009

8:30-9:00: Coffee


9:00-10:00: Panel II: Applicable Computer Science Foundations

Lenore Mullin (Moderator): Bruce Char, Ed Lamagna, Jeremy Johnson


10:00-10:20: Break


Session II Symbolic Software Design (Session Chair: Alexey Ovchinnikov)

10:20-10:45:  Invited Talk 5: G. Dos Reis Dependable Scientific Computing

10:45-11:10:  Invited Talk 6: J. May The Fine Art of Plumbing: Bringing New Advances in Computer Algebra Theory into General Purpose Software

11:10-11:35:  Invited Talk 7: D. Joyner Open Source Software and SAGE

11:35-12:00:  Invited Talk 8: D. Lichtblau Symbolic Computation: An (Almost) Indispensable Tool For R & D


12:00-2:00: Lunch at local restaurants


2:00-3:00:  Panel III: The Spectacular Successes and Failures of Symbolic Computation

Stephen Watt (Moderator):  James Davenport, Erich Kaltofen, B. David Saunders


3:00-3:30:  Break


Session III Theoretical Aspects (Session Chair: Erik Postma)

3:30-3:55:  Invited Talk 9:   V. Powers Representations of Positive Polynomials

3:55-4:20:  Invited Talk 10: A. Storjohann Certifying the Rank of an Integer Matrix

4:20-4:45:  Invited Talk 11: W.-s. Lee Symbolic-Numeric Methods for Polynomial Algebra

4:45-5:10:  Invited Talk 12: M. Giesbrecht Sparse Polynomials, Models and Methods in Computer Algebra


5:30-6:00 Panel IV: Perspectives by Organizing Committee: Erich Kaltofen, Lenore Mullin (Co-chairs), Jeremy Johnson (Drexel), Ed Lamagna (Univ. Rhode Island), Emil Volcheck (ACM), Stephen Watt (Univ. Western Ontario, Canada)


End of workshop


SATURDAY, May 2, 2009

East Coast Computer Algebra Day