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Introduction to Discrete Mathematical Models
Fall 2010
SAS Hall 2102, Tue&Thu 10h15-11h30

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  • NEW The course grades have been submitted to TRACS (Dec 18, 11:20am). Here is a sorted anonymous list.
  • The presentations tomorrow, Thursday Dec. 16, are shifted back by 1 hour (starting at 10am) due to adverse weather. NCSU's adverse weather policy is in effect.
  • 28 of 32 students earned 5/100 points for being absent fewer than 3 times.
  • The homework 5 grades and combined homework totals: sorted anonymous lists.
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  • The course web sites for Fall 2009, Fall 2008, Fall 2007, Fall 2006, Fall 2004, Fall 2003, Fall 2002, Fall 2001, and Fall 1999 contain old homeworks, mid-semester exams, and anonymous grade lists.
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    This semester's first and second midterm examinations (for dates see syllabus)


    • Homework 1, due Thursday, Sep. 9 at 4:59pm, in my mailbox in SAS 3151.
    • Homework 2, due Tuesday, Oct. 5 at 4:59pm, in my mailbox in SAS 3151.
    • Homework 3, due Tuesday October 26 at 4:59pm, in my mailbox in SAS 3151.
    • Homework 4, due Tuesday November 16 at 11:30am in class.
    • Homework 5, due Thursday December 2 at 4:59pm, in my mailbox in SAS 3151.

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