L-system generated fern   MA-351
Introduction to Discrete Mathematical Models
Fall 2021
On Zoom and (in the future) in Winston Hall 29, Tue&Thu 8h30-9h45

Current Announcements

  • NEW Homework 2 is posted; due as indicated for each problem.
  • The main communication between the class and me will be through Moodle, since your work will be uploaded there. Once you are logged in https://wolfware.ncsu.edu to see your courses, click on the orange "m" to go to the Moodle boiler plate. (Clicking on the title takes you to this page). Individually, you can email me.
  • I will deliver the lectures live from home using the Zoom client https://ncsu.zoom.us (click Download client at bottom of page) on your device (cell phone, laptop, computer).
    The lectures will start on August 17, 8:30am. I will email a Zoom ID to you at the beginning of the lecture, so that you can join the live meeting via this ID. I will also post the ID in the Moodle Lecture 1 title. The website https://ncsu.zoom.us/j/<ID> where <ID> is the ID may work.
    In addition, I will record the lectures and post links to the recordings on Moodle.
  • I will require attendance for credit. To get credit for each lecture, the only thing you have to do is go to Moodle and mark your attendance ``P'' (present). You have until 11:59pm on each day of each lecture to do so for that lecture.
  • My virtual office hours, to be held via Zoom, are listed on my schedule.
  • The course webs site for Fall 2019, Fall 2018, Fall 2017, Fall 2016, Fall 2013, Fall 2012, Fall 2011, Fall 2010, Fall 2009, Fall 2008, Fall 2007, Fall 2006, Fall 2004, Fall 2003, Fall 2002, Fall 2001, and Fall 1999 contain old homeworks and anonymous grade lists.
  • Peoples' home pages: Erich Kaltofen.


    • Homework 1, due as indicated for each problem.
    • Homework 2, due as indicated for each problem.
    • Homework 3, due as indicated for each problem.
    • Homework 4, due as indicated for each problem.
    • Homework 5, due as indicated for each problem.

    Previous first exams
    Old first exams: 19_dm_exam_1.pdf, 18_dm_exam_1.pdf, 17_dm_exam_1.pdf, 16_dm_exam_1.pdf, 13_dm_exam_1.pdf, 12_dm_exam_1.pdf, 11_dm_exam_1.pdf, 10_dm_exam_1.pdf, 09_dm_exam_1.pdf, 08_dm_exam_1.pdf, 07_dm_exam_1.pdf, 06_dm_exam_1.pdf, 04_dm_exam_1.pdf, 03_dm_exam_1.pdf, 02_dm_exam_1.pdf, 01_dm_exam_1.pdf, 99_dm_exam_1.pdf.
    Old first exams solutions (in the scanned documents the red text is grading information, which is not part of the solution): 19_dm_sol_1.pdf, 18_dm_sol_1.pdf, 17_dm_sol_1.pdf, 16_dm_sol_1.pdf, 13_dm_sol_1.pdf, 12_dm_sol_1.pdf, 11_dm_sol_1.pdf, 10_dm_sol_1.pdf, 09_dm_sol_1.pdf, 08_dm_sol_1.pdf, 07_dm_sol_1.pdf, 06_dm_sol_1.pdf, 04_dm_sol_1.pdf, 03_dm_sol_1.pdf, 02_dm_sol_1.pdf, 01_dm_sol_1.pdf, 99_dm_sol_1.pdf.

    Web resources for the course

    Old Announcements

  • The first exam is open book/open notes/open Internet, like wolframalpha, but you are not to consult with another person.
  • Extra office hour today, Mon Sep 20, at 2pm on Zoom.
  • The first mid-semester exam is on Tuesday, Sep 21. I will post the exam on Moodle at 8:30am and you will have until 11am to upload a photo of your solution of each problem to Moodle. I will be on Zoom to answer questions until 9:45am.
    Links to previous exams and solutions are below. Please note: This year, the subjects of fair partitions, chromatic numbers and planarity were not yet covered, so there will not be any problems on those subjects on the first exam.
  • The Moodle site has an optional assignment for you posted. This is "Testing how to upload" and consists of a single photo upload. Please try to perform this assignment.

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