MA-351 Homework 5
Due Tuesday, Dec 5, 2023, 23:59pm

All solutions must be submitted on the Moodle web site for the class at You may upload a photo of your handwritten solution or a file of your typed solution.
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    Please give an example of a group profile such that Jean-Charles de Borda's count group consensus function violates Kenneth Arrow's Property 2 (Axiom 2) [Irrelevant Alternative]. As weights, please use 1N for first place, 1 N1 for second place, 1 N2 for the third place, ..., 11 = 1 for the last place, in the presence of N candidates, where the smaller weighted Borda number ranks higher. Note that after eliminating the irrelevant alternative, the first place has weight 1 N1 , the second place 1 N2 ..., the last place 1.