MA-410 Homework 1

Due at 10:10am in class, Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Solutions may be submitted in person in class, or you may email an ASCII text, html, or postscipt/pdf-formatted document to me.
Note my office hours on my schedule.

  1. ENT, §1.1, Problem 13, page 8.
  2. ENT, §1.2, Problem 6, page 12. By "deriving" I shall mean proving the formula by induction.
  3. ENT, §2.2, Problem 14, page 25.
  4. ENT, §2.3, Problem 2(d), page 32. Please compute the Bezout coefficients by the extended Euclidean algorithm presented in class, not the back-substitution given in the book.
  5. Prove for the extended Euclidean algorithm described in class: sk tk+1 - sk+1 tk = (-1)k+1 for all -1 ≤ k ≤ n