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University Committees On Which
Erich Kaltofen Has Served


Committee Office Place Time
Genomic Science Faculty member NCSU 1999-present
Scholarly Publ. Reposit. Adv. Council member NCSU Library 2007-08
Advisory, Genomic Science Initiative member NCSU 1997-99
Project 25 participating NCSU 1997
Bylaws Committee member NCSU College of Science 2017-18
Research Advisory Council member NCSU College of PaMS 2004-07
On-line Instruction member NCSU College of PaMS 1999-2001
Graduate Program (Majors) member NCSU Math Dept 2006-09, 2003-present
Ph.D. Preliminary Exam member NCSU Math Dept 2009-present
Putnam Exam member NCSU Math Dept 2004-present
Awards and Publicity member NCSU Math Dept 2006-15
Library member NCSU Math Dept 2006-12
Web Page member NCSU Math Dept 2006-09
Personnel Evaluation member NCSU Math Dept 2005-06
Graduate Recruiting member NCSU Math Dept 2004-06
      2002-03, 1996-97
Peer Teaching Evaluations member NCSU Math Dept 2002-04
Calculus Technology member NCSU Math Dept 2000-03
Symbolic Computation Recruiting member NCSU Math Dept 2000-01
Symbolic Computation Recruiting co-chair NCSU Math Dept 1996-97
Computing member NCSU Math Dept 2008-present, 1996-98
Faculty Senate senator RPI 1994-95
New Staff member RPI CS Dept 1992-95,
Graduate Admission member RPI CS Dept 1994-95
Laboratory member RPI CS Dept 1994-95,
Graduate Curriculum member RPI CS Dept 1991-94,
PhD Qualifying Exam member RPI CS Dept 1993-95,
Curriculum Task Force member RPI School 1993-94
    of Science  
Library representative RPI CS Dept 1992-93
Chairperson Search member RPI CS Dept 1990-91
Theoretical Aspects in CS Seminar organizer RPI CS Dept 1984, '86, '87

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University Committees On Which
Erich Kaltofen Has Served

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