Fan Yang

Graduate Projects

Spring & Summer 2012

  • Prediction-based Mobility Monitor with Adaptive Sensing for Smartphone
    Master’s Project, Duke University
    Individual Developer April 2012 - July 2012
    • Designed an energy efficient approach to monitor user’s mobility, using adaptive WiFi sensing based on prediction
    • Implemented on Android in Java, with visualized UI and map, reducing 65% energy cost than periodic sensing

Spring 2011

  • Ad Attention: Noticed Ad Capture on Mobile Phones
    Course Project of ECE 256: Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing
    Developer in Group Mar 2011 - May 2011
    • Designed a mobile technique to help advertisers determine mobile users’ interest in specific ads on web pages
    • Implemented the application on iPhone, with data processed in designed web server, tested with multiple cases
    Project Slides is available for download.

  • Profile-driven Intelligent Shared-Cache Allocation
    Course Project of CPS 210: Operating Systems
    Developer in Group Feb 2011 - Apr 2011
    • Designed and implemented a cross layer mechanism combining the benefits of OS and CPU in shared cache management, which dynamically captures the variant behavior of applications
    Project Report is available for download.

Fall 2010

  • Query Merging for Data Processing in the Cloud
    Course Project of CPS 296: Advanced Topics in Networking
    Developer in Group Nov 2010 - Dec 2010
    • Proposed batch query optimization, a merging approach in MapReduce and tested the efficiency in different cases
    Project Report is available for download.

Undergrad Projects at HUST

  • Extraction of Text Data on Specific Web Forum
    Course Project of Software Design
    Individual Developer May 2009 - Jun 2009
    • Developed a million-record search engine for HUST’s forum in Java and MySQL, launched in JSP/HTML & Tomcat
    • Created an updating module with high efficiency, curtailing the running time from five hours to two minutes
    Project Report is available for download, including source codes.

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