Harsh J. Parikh

  Ph.D. Student (Causal Inference)
  Office: N002 North Building
  Department of Computer Science
  Duke University
  LSRC / Box 90129
  Durham, NC 27708
  phone: (984) 528-0785
  email: harsh.parikh-at-duke.edu

I am a Ph.D. Student at the Duke University Department of Computer Science working with Prof. Cynthia Rudin, Prof. Sudeepa Roy and Prof. Alexander Volfovsky. I am interesting in researching on problems related to Causal Inference, Social Networks, Machine Learning, and Interpretability. From 2016 to 2018, I spent two years towards earning a Masters of Science in Economics and Computation from Duke University. I pursued my undergraduate studies from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) in India where I majored in Computer Science and Engineering. I worked for a year at IBM India Research Laboratory, New Delhi.

Here is my CV (updated 11/2017).

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COMPSCI 590.02 Computational Microeconomics: Game Theory, Social Choice, and Mechanism Design (Fall 2018)
COMPSCI 223 Computational Microeconomics (Spring 2018)
COMPSCI 230 Discrete Mathematics (Fall 2017)
COMPSCI 230 Discrete Mathematics (Spring 2017)
COMPSCI 201 Data Structures and Algorithms (Fall 2016)

An ensemble micro neural network approach for elucidating interactions between zinc finger proteins and their target DNA, S Dutta, S Madan, H Parikh, D Sundar, BMC genomics 17 (13), 1033

Gargling affect on salivary electrochemical parameters to predict blood glucose, S Malik, S Gupta, H Parikh, S Anand, Computational Techniques in Information and Communication Technologies.

Computational prediction of origin of replication in bacterial genomes using correlated entropy measure (CEM), H Parikh, A Singh, A Krishnamachari, K Shah, Biosystems 128, 19-25