Selected Publications

. Ektelo: A Framework for Defining Differentially-Private Computations. SIGMOD, 2018.

. One-sided Differential Privacy. arXiv, 2018.


. Dias: Differentially Private Interactive Algorithm Selection using Pythia. SIGMOD, 2017.


. Pythia: Data Dependent Differentially Private Algorithm Selection. SIGMOD, 2017.

PDF Video

. Directed Edge Recommender System. WSDM, 2017.


Recent Posts

This is the first of a series post, intended for undergrad students who wish to make the jump to a PhD program. Today I will talk about what happens before you apply to a PhD program. While my experience is in CS/ECE/etc, most of what follows applies in different majors/disciplines as well. Some facts first, that most international students are not aware of: US schools, do not require a Masters (or equivalent) to apply for their Phd programs.