Jun Yang
Bishop-MacDermott Family Professor
Chair, Department of Computer Science
Duke University
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Since having kids—Leo was born in 2008 and Felix in 2012—my hobbies have been pretty taken over by theirs: swimming, soccer, lego, and crafts. (So far these are mostly Leo's, but Felix will be adding to this list soon!)

Besides computer science research and teaching, I enjoy designing logos. My favorite logos have simple designs without lots of bells and whistles. Here are some of my designs:

Stanford InfoLab's old logo ACM SIGMOD logo IEEE Data Engineering logo

And more here:

Despite being a computer science professor for more than ten years, I still enjoy programming.

Back when PowerPoint didn't have an integrated equation tool with acceptable math fonts, I designed a TrueType font of database symbols and TexPoint macros for using them in PowerPoint (Wayback Machine URL).

Way back when WWW was just emerging, I set up a web-based alumni group site for No. 7 High School of Chengdu, which I attended in China. The site evolved into an unofficial website for the school, before I retired it when the official site came to existence. My wife (from the same high school, by the way) often uses my failure to turn it into a startup company as an example of my "business-unsavviness."

For more immature personal rumblings, visit my old homepage at Stanford.

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