Junyang Gao (高俊杨)

Department of Computer Science, Duke University

Hi, I'm Junyang Gao!
Now, I'm a fifth-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Duke University, advised by Prof. Jun Yang. My research interests are in Computational Journalism, Approximate Query Processing, Temporal/Spatial Databases, Large-scale Data Cleaning and Integration, Machine Learning+Databases.

I will be joining Google NYC on August, 2020!

I interned at Google (NYC) as PhD Software Enigneer in Summer 2019, working with Dr. Xiaomeng Ban on building Learned Index for large-scale spatial map data in a distributed system setting.

I interned at Amazon as applied scientist in Summer 2018, working with Dr. Luna Xin Dong and Dr. Xian Li on large-scale knowledge graph accuracy evaluation.

Before joining Duke, I received B.Eng in Computer Science from Tsinghua University (THU), and worked with Prof. Guoliang Li on Interactive Data Explorations and Location Based Service(LBS).

Download my CV here [CV]
Levine Science Research Center(LSRC)
Durham, NC 27705
Phone Number
(919) 660-4011
my_firstname.my_lastname AT duke.edu
jygao AT cs.duke.edu

Selected Publications

Durable Top-K Instant-Stamped Temporal Records with User-Specified Scoring Functions

[technical report]

Junyang Gao, Stavros Sintos, Pankaj K. Agarwal and Jun Yang


Efficient Knowledge Graph Accuracy Evaluation

[paper][technical report]

Junyang Gao, Xian Li, Yifan Ethan Xu, Bunyamin Sisman, Xin Luna Dong and Jun Yang

in VLDB 2019

Durable Top-K Queries on Temporal Data

[paper][technical report]

Junyang Gao, Pankaj K. Agarwal and Jun Yang

in VLDB 2018

Finding Diverse, High-Value Representatives on a Surface of Answers

You Wu, Junyang Gao, Pankaj K. Agarwal and Jun Yang

in VLDB 2017

ELAN: An Efficient Location-Aware Analytics System

Yaxiao Liu, Henan Wang, Junyang Gao, Guoliang Li, Huiqi Hu and Wen-Syan Li

in Big Data Research 2016

Fact checking congressional voting claims

Brett Walenz, Junyang Gao, Emre Sonmez, Yubo Tian, Yuhao Wen, Charles Xu, Bill Adair, and Jun Yang

in Proceedings of the 2016 Computation+Journalism Symposium (Informal publication)

Awards & Honors

Outstanding Graduate, Tsinghua University

top 10% among over 150 graduates in CS department, 2015

Second place, SAP HANA Student Innovation Contest

among 10 teams nationwide, 2013


ECE 590, Advanced Topics in Deep Learning: A

by Prof. David Carlson, Fall 18

COMPSCI 590, Data Cleaning and Integration: A

by Prof. Jun Yang, Spring 17

COMPSCI 590, Artifitial Intelligence: A

by Prof. Ron Parr, Fall 16

COMPSCI 516, Data Intensive Computing Systems: A

by Prof. Sudeepa Roy, Spring 16

COMPSCI 634, Geometric Algorithms: A

by Prof. Pankaj K. Agarwal, Spring 16

COMPSCI 532, Design and Analysis of Algorithms: A-

by Prof. Debmalya Panigrahi, Fall 15

COMPSCI 571, Probabilistic Machine Learning: A

by Prof. Sayan Mukherjee, Fall 15

COMPSCI 550, Advanced Computer Architecture:

Passed in Qual exam, Fall 15