KameshKamesh Munagala


Computer Science Department

Duke University

Research Overview

My research is in the general area of algorithm design and discrete optimization. My main research focus is on algorithm design when the inputs are poorly known, which includes the fields of online algorithms, stochastic optimization, and mechanism design. My work is largely methodological, with some applications to e-commerce, databases, data analysis, and networks.

Research summary + Publications     

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Teaching and Lecture Notes

Spring '19
CPS590:  Algorithms for Decision making at Scale
Fall '18, Spr. '15, '14, '06 - '11
CPS 330:  Algorithm Design
Spring '18 
CPS230: Discrete Mathematics
Fall '17, '11
CPS 532: Graduate Algorithms
Spring '17
CPS 290: Algorithmic Foundations of Data Science
Spring '16, Fall '09
CPS 590: Optimization and Decision-making Under Uncertainty
Spring '13
CPS 630: Randomized Algorithms
Fall '12 - '14
CPS 701: Introduction to Graduate School
Fall '10, '07, '06: 
CPS 230: Advanced Algorithms
Fall '05:
CPS 260: Algorithms for Computational Biology
Spring '05:  
CPS 240: Computational Complexity
Fall '04:  
CPS 232:  Approximation Algorithms
Spring '02: 
EO 325: Topics in Algorithms  (CSA Department, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)

Lecture Notes for CPS590: Optimization and Decision-making Under Uncertainty
(these notes are work in progress, and omit citations)


Advisees and PostDocs

Program Committees (selected)

Duke Algorithms Seminar

CS-Econ Seminar

Reading Group Meetings:   Fall '07   Fall '08   Spring '10  Fall '10  Fall '13

Academic History


2003 - 04: Post-doc at  Pat Brown's Lab in the Department of Biochemistry, Stanford University School of Medicine (mainly analyzing microarray data)
1998 - 03: PhD student at the theory of computation group in the Computer Science Department, Stanford.  My advisor was Prof. Serge Plotkin.
1994 - 98: Undergraduate at the CSE Department IIT Bombay. My thesis advisor was Dr. Abhiram Ranade.

Family History

My great-grandfather, Munagala S. Venkataramiah, wrote/translated books on Hindu "Advaita" philosophy. He lived in Tiruvannamalai (Tamil Nadu), and was a disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi. I have put Dr. Venkataramiah's biography here. The books below (and some others) are available on Kindle.


Short list of good Children's Books
CarTalk Mechanic Search
R.I.P. Rajeev

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Contact Information

D205, Levine Science Research Center,
Research Drive,
Duke University, Durham NC 27708.

Phone: (919) 660-6598 or (919) 923-7209
Email address: <first_name> @cs.duke.edu